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Welcome to AGROSTAR

Working in the field of environmental biotechnology, we produce micro-organisms that can be used in agriculture (organic or conventional) as well as in the treatment of waste water.

Agrostar - Environmental Biotechnology Belgium

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Our History

AGROSTAR S.A was established in January 1988.
Our company has always been family-owned, with a human touch.
Since 2012, the micro-organisms produced by Agrostar have been certified suitable for organic farming.
In 2013, our Baci-Start M4® was approved in France as an MFSC (Matière fertilisante et support de culture - fertiliser and culture-growing medium).



The micro-organisms produced by AGROSTAR S.A allow for better plant nutrition and, in some cases, can prevent the development of plant diseases.


Thanks to the production of bacteria that play a role in soil optimisation, AGROSTAR S.A is a key player in the sustainable agriculture market.


AGROSTAR S.A develops tailored solutions suited to the specific issues faced by its customers.


AGROSTAR S.A forms a bridge between the laboratory and the fields. Our goal is to develop solutions tailored to our customers.

Manufacturing micro-organisms for sustainable farming

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